November 22, 2019
Development / Media

01. The Challenge & Solution

Aguilac is a brand that produces and markets high-quality dairy products. It offers a diverse range of cheeses, including fresh cheeses, ripened cheeses, milk cream, ricotta, and arequipe, designed to meet the varied dairy product needs of its customers. Aguilac’s aim is to become one of the favorite brands among Venezuelans and to be recognized as a leading producer of premium dairy products in Venezuela.

In pursuit of this objective, an annual marketing plan has been developed, incorporating several strategies. Notably, the plan focuses on garnering recognition for this emerging brand in a market replete with formidable competitors. Successful strategies employed to achieve these goals include the launch strategy, PR initiatives, content development, influencer marketing, and sampling.

All these efforts resulted in an increase in the brand’s sales and a visibility and subsequent positioning of Aguilac as one of the brands preferred by the Venezuelan public.

02. Working Process

Initially, a briefing was conducted to assess the current state of the emerging brand. Subsequently, research and planning were carried out, encompassing the following points:

  • Objective Definition: Establish clear project goals, such as increasing brand awareness, generating sales, or expanding the customer base.
  • Market Analysis: Investigate competitors and the target market to understand trends and opportunities. Identification of the
  • Target Audience: Define the audience to whom the brand and website will be directed.
  • Strategy Selection: Choose the most suitable digital marketing strategies, such as SEO, social media, online advertising, content marketing, etc.

With all this data in hand, we proceeded to create the brand identity following these steps:

  • Logo and Visual Elements Design: Develop a strong visual identity that reflects the brand’s values and personality.
  • Key Message Creation: Define the brand messages and voice to be used on the website and in all marketing communications.

Once the brand was established, we moved on to creating the website, where we performed:

  • Information Architecture: Design the structure and navigation of the website for an effective user experience.
  • Content Development: Create and optimize relevant, high-quality content for the website.
  • Site Design and Development: Build the website using responsive design best practices and speed optimization.
  • Functionality Integration: Add features such as contact forms, online stores, and other necessary functionalities.
  • Testing and Review: Conduct comprehensive tests to ensure the website functions correctly on all devices and browsers.

Finally, we implemented the marketing strategies mentioned earlier to provide the brand with the boost it needed to achieve the set goals.

03. Perfect Result

Currently, the Aguilac brand is actively engaged in the market consolidation process. Through meticulous implementation of launch strategies, positioning efforts, and digital presence initiatives, a substantial level of recognition has been achieved among its target audience. The existence of a dedicated website enables users to access more detailed information about Aguilac’s products and services, thereby reinforcing its relevance and reputation in the digital environment.